Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)

What is AFT?

Aroma Freedom Technique or AFT, is a step-by-step process created by a Psychologist who discovered the close connection of smell (aroma) to memory and to our "fight or flight" control center in our brain.

AFT will help release issues such as: Anxiety, Stress, Procrastination, Fear, Imposter Syndrome, Self-Doubt, Anger, Sadness, Feeling "Stuck", Not Achieving Your Goals, and MORE.  For: Men, Women, Children, Groups,  MLM and Sales Teams.

As a Certified AFT Practitioner, I will take you through this process utilizing Young Living Essential Oils, the only oils certified for AFT.

Individual sessions and packages available. Sessions conveniently held over Zoom. Great for setting group/team/corporate goals. Watch the video below.

What People are Saying

"Rose helped me overcome Imposter Syndrome. I had left my corporate career in pursuit of my passion of writing. Her business experience coupled with her experience with AFT truly helped me release my limiting beliefs and move forward confidently." 

- Mark Swartz

"My son was having a very hard time with exam anxiety. Rose had 2 sessions with him and it all but disappeared! I cannot thank her enough as the suffering he was enduring, was causing me heartache as well. Thank you Rose."

"I was referred to Rose by my Naturopathic Doctor. Although I thought I was going to go through Creatrix®, her deep-dive process for Women, she told me that she believed I did not need Creatrix® and that I would benefit from AFT. I love that she truly has her clients' best interest at heart. Three session later and years of headaches, intestinal issues, worry, and anxiety -- they are gone! I love the gentleness of the process and Rose is so warm and inviting, providing a very safe space."

- Jan Casey