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"I thought jumping on a stage impromptu was normal.  I I thought being on a television news show was not that big of a deal. 

I didn't realize that most people fear public speaking MORE than death itself.  

I love to share my experiences, my knowledge and passion in ways to help individuals, groups and organizations. I love people.   We are not separate, but very much connected and I love to experience that when I meet new people." 


-Rose Colarossi

"Rose is amazing. I had a speaker who could not present at our company function.  Rose re-arranged her schedule and presented impromptu to a group of 250+ employees.  The group was mesmerized and jumped to their feet when she was finished.  I highly recommend Rose as a speaker."

Jillian Maynard, Patriot Insurance 


"Rose is engaging and so very knowledgeable in terms of business, business ownership, the struggles that business owners endure - her personal experiences are nothing less than incredible - and how to persevere.  She is willing to share and help people in a genuine manner.  I would highly recommend Rose."

Forest Ward.


"After seeing Rose speak at several events in Dallas, I approached her to speak to my high school girls non-profit group. Her response: "Of course, we have to pour our knowledge and experience into your young women."  Our girls stopped talking - I mean not a whisper -  and absorbed every word Rose spoke.  She got on their level and it was so clear that she truly cared about them and their future.  I cannot say enough great things about Rose."

Marguirette S. Johnson