Obtain Emotional Freedom For Greater Happiness, Health & Success with Creatrix®

Creatrix® Explained

Transform Your Mindset, Transform Your Life

IMAGINE FINALLY BEING RID OF Negative Head Talk, Emotions and Behaviors such as; Self-Doubt, Self-Sabotaging Beliefs, Anxiety, Fear, Stress, Feeling “Less Than” or Not Good Enough", Feeling Stuck, Imposter Syndrome, Unhealthy Relationships, Unhealthy Behaviors, Chronic Procrastination, Anger, Sadness, Not Reaching Goals and so much more.  You WILL with Creatrix® after just a few sessions!

Imagine RELEASING ALL THAT IS NOT SERVING YOU  WITHOUT having to retell your story or relive any trauma!  That is Creatrix®!

Stop imagining and experience it!  After Creatrix® you will FEEL LIGHTER, EMPOWERED and READY TO MOVE FORWARD in life, relationships and business!

Take a look at women just like raving aboutt Creatrix®: 


Creatrix® is a patented, closed-eye visualization technique created by a woman.  It is specifically designed for A WOMAN's BRAIN.   Nothing else out there was created by a woman.  I am not sure if you noticed -- but we are VERY different from men. LOL!  Creatrix® uses feminine language and although very relaxing, it is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE and LONG LASTING!


If you are sick and tired of dealing with whatever it is that is causing UNHEALTHY thoughts, emotions, health, relationships and business.

If you have TRIED and TRIED yet NOTHING HAS WORKED or it has NOT BEEN LONG LASTING.  Creatrix® IS the ANSWER!

Creatrix® worked for me, it has worked for every single one of my clients and for thousands of women around the globe!

Creatrix® is quick, painless, effective and long-lasting.  Look at the chart to the right showing how Creatrix® CHECKS OFF ALL THE BOXES that we WOMEN NEED!  Sessions are conveniently facilitated over Zoom, so that you can remain in the comfort of your own home or office. 


We ARE what we THINK AND we begin to BELIEVE what we THINK. Let me help you release what is NOT serving you and replace it with those that will!

Reach out.  No obligation.  I stepped into my purpose after experiencing Creatrix®.  I want to help as many women as possible free themselves from all that is not serving them so they can gain Greater Happiness, Health, Relationships and Success and live the lives they were created to live!

“After 20+ years working with business owners and entrepreneurs, I began to see a pattern of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.  To better serve my clients, I researched and experienced several techniques and modalities to see which would be most effective, in the least amount of time because time is one of our most valuable assets. After experiencing Creatrix® for myself, traveling twice to Austarlia to become trained and Certified - I can tell you that it is by far the best solution for women who are looking to move forward and gain greater happiness, health, relationships and success!”

-Rose Colarossi

Creatrix® vs. Other Modalities

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