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Creatrix® vs. NLP

I am often asked what the difference is or why Creatrix® is THE ANSWER FOR WOMEN vs. NLP


Here is what the creator of Creatrix®, Maz Schirmer has to say:


TLT had all these holes I wanted to plug up because women really struggled with it and I was baffled when men didn’t seem to struggle at all.

Time line therapy is one part of what Creatrix® is based on.


Here’s the difference in TLT so this is where I believed it failed women thus why I had to create something for women.


  1. TL therapist asks the client ‘was it passed lives or past generations where this problem originated (how the f do they know, that’s up to their belief system to create and not the true science of the bloodline (Epigenetic’s, therefore it won’t alter the pattern, just the symptom). Everyone says about 1 to 6 generations so that’s not ‘true’ epigenetic according to what I also hypothesized which was  ‘if science proves up to 14 generations now in cows, why wouldn’t it apply hundreds or even thousands of generations. How could I be sure we got the root?  That was my question.

  2. Then they say ‘Now ask your UM and trust it and tell me the first thing that comes to mind. Well all of their current filters are STILL on at that time, so that’s not how you talk to the UM, that’s talking to the CM with current beliefs. It’s more like it’s asking the ‘gut’ but the guts ‘antenna’ is rusty, it’s full of the conditioning insecurities. That means’ it CAN’T last and they haven’t even started the process of the therapy yet.

  3. The female womb that creates, that brings the blueprint into real cells and DNA imprinting the unresolved trauma issues into it as well, (this, the Unconscious mind that runs the uterus to do this intricate job of imprinting ancestral inheritance is the ONLY TRUTH source that can possibly know the exact history that we’ll be dealing with), every gene and where it’s been and what it experienced imprinted to the new generation it is going to bring to life from one egg and one sperm. That wisdom source used in CRX is the womb metaphor for the TRUTH SOURCE . I found that with TLT my female clients always came back and i realized that we were thinking we could trick OUR UNIQUE UM female incubator realm (responsible for ensuring the entire epigenetic coding REMAINS part of this bloodline) that was my hypothesis. WE females can’t be fooled by ANY process that does not start from the VERY beginning and locate that original source for sure without blockages of any potential filters.

  4. SAFETY! Utilizing the spark moment where zero time existed before the very beginning moment serves 2 purposes. TLT is not at the beginning or has a blueprint of safety. It’s open for mistakes which is why many NLP Students have horror stories of a woman or 3 at their classes who seemed to have major traumatic experiences during TLT. I had one client in a bad way myself. When using TLT on anything traumatic for women it’s often a rocky road. There’s not enough safety in TLT for the type of traumas women experience as they’re often around feeling Unsafe. Even when asking them to choose the past lives or past generations, that makes them feel that they aren’t sure so that adds to making them feel unsafe.

  5. With the uterus wisdom source being the highest ‘external’ wisdom possible whereas TLT only accesses wisdom from its ‘OWN’ UM. We’re doing 3 things by using an unquestionable maternal/paternal source a. it creates complete safety b. gives the UM evidence that it’s safe (non existent in TLT) c. Gives balanced masculine/feminine wisdom.

  6. Women’s minds are not spatially oriented so anything in the mind that is floating ‘above’ or ‘below’ especially at the distances needed to see your own timeline below you (as in timeLINE therapy) causes most (approximately 4 in 5 women) confusion and struggle before they even get to the therapy part.

  7. Women’s minds don’t do linear very well at all either, so our life laid out in just a line missed too much.

  8. It’s not complete, it does’t have a therapy inside of it which is the thorough questioning we use. It’s not robust enough to encompass associated issues that are relevant to the label being worked in such as ‘guilt’.  For women this can have associations to do with suppression from her historic gender issues as well as normal guilt. A woman can feel guilt if she doesn’t give her man sex even when she doesn’t want it so this can link to deep fear of men for example. The questioning must be more in-depth for a woman to fully be set free from guilt as just ob example.

  9. TLT has no role model at all which is the visual ‘evidence’ of another blueprint. In CRX possibility seeds are planted at the onset, this causes rapid breakthrough and the UM knows it’s possible. Great for the visual people.

  10. The role model is not just the evidence but is CHOSEN by the actual PURE SOURCE not by their cheeky sabotaging unconscious mind they can still manipulate. This stops them getting stuck like you often see in TLT, and that’s dangerous as many women get stuck in trauma as our issues are emotionally raw. Women often say they’d rather have all their bones broken than experience heartbreak.

  11. I believed women need additional layers of disassociation than men do because we’re too easily immersible so CRX has more layers than TLT or ANY NLP techniques.

  12. Creatrix® is one process for ALL issues because ultimately it’s a wisdom gaining technique. It’s HIGHER education that has your ultimate highest good. ALL issues require deep education of the heart, head, gut.

  13. The CRX cell and DNA metaphors are non existent in TLT or NLP and these ‘body parts’ metaphors are the language of the body so that’s why our clients say they felt their cells change ‘during’ the process. They then spoke to the DNA all using the language of the body.

  14. The double perception wisdom as in Creatrix® comes from 2 unquestionable sources and this is much better than just asking the person to ask their own internal UM that they don’t even trust. Going internal for the wisdom is harder than going external with a representation of ‘higher’ and ‘smarter’ (RM) wisdom is gained with CRX/INX. TLT usually gets approx 4-6 learnings only with the simple questioning. It’s just not enough. The questioning in TLT isn’t thorough enough to draw out the wisdom it takes to break a genetically inherited cycle. CRX questioning causes beliefs, thoughts, values and focus to change, not just the emotion to dissolve AND it installs new resources to handle future triggers as well as old triggers, thus being thorough enough to break the entire cycle.



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