Transformation through Speaking

Rose Will Transform Your Audience

"Whether she is speaking to a group of a thousand or an intimate group of 20, Rose brings a level of passion, compassion and enthusiasm that is contagious!  Rose is engaging and openly shares her personal and professional challenges and successes in an effort to empower her audience.  She truly cares about shifting their Mindset to place where they feel Empowered."


Marilyn Kelly, Professional Womens Speakers Alliance


Sample of Topics of talks given to Corporations, Small Business, Churches, Women's Groups, Women's Conferences and more:

Female Empowerment

The Female Factor

Limiting Beliefs - How They Hold You Back Personally & Professionally

Self-Sabotage and Its Root-Cause

Networking - You Build Your Business, By Building Relationships

Entrepreneurship is not for the Faint at Heart

Illness and The Relationship with Negative Emotions

Are You Living Your Purpose? 

There is Hope Through Conversations

Pivoting as a Business Owner Is NOT an Option

Networking Like A Millionaire

What is Your Zone of Genius and Are You Staying There?

Healthy Boundaries

When Worry Consumes You

How You Present Yourself Matters

You are Not Alone

Optimism is a Choice

What Do You Want?

With Multiple Businesses, Years of Experience in Behavior Modification, Psychology, Business, Mindset, Limiting Beliefs and More ... Rose can develop a talk for you group that will keep them engaged, inspired and motivated to step into their power and start living their best life now!


"I love to share my experiences, my knowledge and passion in ways to help individuals, groups and organizations. I love people.   We are not separate, but very much connected and I love to experience that when I meet new people." 


-Rose Colarossi


"Rose is amazing. I had a speaker who could not present at our company function.  Rose re-arranged her schedule and presented impromptu to a group of 250+ employees.  The group was mesmerized and jumped to their feet when she was finished.  I highly recommend Rose as a speaker."

Jillian Maynard, Patriot Insurance 


"Rose is engaging and so very knowledgeable in terms of business, business ownership, the struggles that business owners endure - her personal experiences are nothing less than incredible - and how to persevere.  She is willing to share and help people in a genuine manner.  I would highly recommend Rose."

Forest Ward.


"After seeing Rose speak at several events in Dallas, I approached her to speak to my high school girls non-profit group. Her response: "Of course, we have to pour our knowledge and experience into your young women."  Our girls stopped talking - I mean not a whisper -  and absorbed every word Rose spoke.  She got on their level and it was so clear that she truly cared about them and their future.  I cannot say enough great things about Rose."

Marguirette S. Johnson