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Meet Rose

Holistic Emotions/Mindset/Limiting Beliefs Practitioner, Entrepreneur, Coach & More!


 Hello!  I am so glad you are here and I do not believe it is by accident! 


Something you read, saw, or heard resonated with your heart-center, your intuition.  Perhaps your Holistic or Naturopathic Doctor Referred Me and You are "Checking Me Out"! 


As women, we NEED to get out out of heads and into our hearts more often and go for it and that is what I can help you with.  I can help you step into YOUR POWER so that you can start living YOUR BEST LIFE! 

I have been a Business and Life Coach for Women for over 25 years.  I am also an award-winning International Creatrix® Transformologist®, AFT Practitioner, Multi-Business Owner/Entrepreneur, Business Networking Specialist, Author and Public Speaker. My education, experiences, certifications ... they have all led me here to my purpose.  It has all allowed me to understand what YOU are experiencing. 


So how does a multi-business owner/entrepreneur, business networking specialist move into the "healing" arena?  Well, I started watching as my incredibly talented clients kept getting STUCK.  Their negative thought patterns and emotions were getting in the way of their success, their happiness and sometimes their health.  Then, I lost one of my brother's to suicide after he experienced negative thought patterns and emotions and then lost my mother five years later as she too was caught in a cycle of negative mind chatter and succumbed to an aggressive form of cancer.  This cycle of self-sabotaging negative thoughts patterns, emotions and beliefs were the common factor and I did not have the tools nor the knowledge to help any of them so I did what any successful entrepreneur does - I created possibilities!


I first took a trip to the beach ALL BY MYSELF.  It allowed me quiet time to focus on MY WANTS and MY NEEDS - something I had NEVER done before.  I was the CARETAKER.  I was taking care of everyone and everything around me ... but not taking care of me.  I reflected on what it was that I was put on this earth to do - my purpose - and what it was that I WANTED to do. 


I started to research about negative thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs and the effect they have on our health, happiness, relationships and success.  After two years of research, I studied, experienced for myself and then became certified in multiple modalities proven to help people with these very issues. 

In addition, I was the healthiest person until I wasn't - twice a year.  I would end up in bed with asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.  What I learned after releasing my suppressed and repressed emotions was that my Type A, Driven personality as well as my mindset and limiting beliefs did not allow my body to rest.  I had children, I ran a business, engaged in PTA, sports, and more.  When I didn't take the time for me - for self-care, for rest, my body did it for me!  I have not been sick since.  The body remembers.  The body holds on to trauma and it reflects with pain and illness.  Listen to your body.  If it is "acting up" you most likely need to release a negative thought pattern, self-sabotaging emotions, and or limiting beliefs.  Once you do, the results are amazing!


I have been honored to have helped thousands of women (and some men) around the world break free from their negative thoughts, their self-sabotaging emotions and their false and limiting limiting beliefs. I am living my purpose and I went to help you do the same!

I work with a lot of highly motivated women who are struggling with their happiness, business success and relationships as well as the woman who is having health issues and realizes she must put her health first and the woman who is FINALLY beginning to put HERself first and she wants to stay healthy, break generational patterns and step into HER power.  


I am often referred by Naturopathic and Holistic Doctors who realize that their patients' aches, pains and serious illnesses are caused by their emotions and their beliefs, childhood trauma, PTSD, toxic generational patterns of thinking or behavior and more.  Their unhappiness, their lack of confidence, direction, purpose and more  - the root cause is their beliefs system. 


I can help you adjust your Belief System with YOUR own truth - so that you will be SET FREE from anyone else's expectations, filters, perspectives or labels for you.

The sense of inner calm, knowing and empowerment achieved is something I wish for all women.  No more doubts, triggers or unhealthy boundaries. No more snapping, yelling or "losing it".


With regard to The Female Answer - A 30 Day Emotional Healing Program complete with an outcome guarantee ... It is a FAST TRACK to a Healthier, Happier, More Successful YOU!  My own physical health improved after experiencing this for myself. My sense of knowing who I am and what my purpose is became crystal clear. The understanding that I was breaking generational patterns for my children, grandchildren and generations to come - was powerful. I gained an inner calmness and peace like never before.  A clarity of truly what is mine and what is not mine to carry.  I am no longer triggered by others in what they say or do.  All of my clients have benefitted in these same ways and I want it for you!

I have been coaching women entrepreneurs for over 25 years.  I have been where they are and I understand the push and pull and the frustration of trying to start and scale multiple businesses.  Coaches allow us to FAST TRACK our results utilizing their knowledge, experience, education and they can see our blind spots!

On a personal level, I have never met a stranger.  I love people and believe each person I meet is a window to a whole new world.  I love gardening, reading, attending outdoor concerts and Broadway plays.  I love walks in the woods with my German Shepherd, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, scuba,  yoga, and ANYTHING to do with a white sandy beach with calm warm water as the beach is my happy place. I have been married for over 30 years and have have four grown children and three grandsons. 


My faith is very important to me and I believe strongly that each of us was created whole and complete and we are each here for a purpose.  With that being said, I respect everyone's faith.  Love and kindness are the thread that weaves us all together.  I love to connect heart to heart, soul to soul with other women.  I believe by empowering a woman, it empowers her marriage, her relationship with her children, and improves her health, happiness, and her success.  

I so look forward to meeting you and encourage you to take care of YOU!  We are not guaranteed tomorrow and we cannot pour from an empty cup.  There is so much power and benefit in investing in your happiness, health, relationships and success.  Choose you and START LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!

I hope to meet you soon!

Rose xx 

You wouldn't want those negative thought patterns, fears and limiting beliefs for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, friend, mother, etc. Of course not!   Nor would you want them to be frustrated in their business or their life.  So ... don't accept them any of that for yourself.  Take action!  Be a great role model.  The best investment you can make is in your personal and professional development so that you can show up as YOUR BEST SELF to those you love and to your business.  In doing so can START LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!  Not months or years from now ... NOW!   


A Few of Rose's Services

1:1, 30 Day
Complete Healing
Long Lasting Results
Outcome Guarantee


Aroma Freedom Technique for Setting Goals and Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Women, Children
Groups, Corporate,
Sales Teams, MLM's

Emotional Freedom Technique for Setting Goals and Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Women, Children
Groups, Corporate,
Sales Teams, MLM's





Rose has a multitude of topics she speaks on and without a doubt can put together a talk on whatever subject matter  you/your audience  are interested in.




Female Answer

Become a

Published Author

Hope Through Conversations ...
Your Mess is Your Message
Your Test is Your

Bring Hope To Others
Immediate Credibility
Sell, Gift, Charity


Vision Board


A state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.

500 Hour

Imagine Doing What 
YOU want to do, eating what YOU want to eat - not being responsible for anyone or anything ... and returning home
renewed and refreshed!

Yoga Nidra


Yoga Instructor

Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness





Art Therapy*



*In Progress*

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