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Effective Networking 
Will Help You Grow Your Business
and Net Worth!

Networking Like a Millionaire

Easily Convert In-person and Online Conversations into High-paying Clients!

Effective Networking 
Will Help You Grow Your Business and Net Worth!

Whether in-person or online ...  You must be able to effectively communicate and attract your right fit high paying clients!

After 10 years of observing, speaking to and teaching over 10,000 entrepreneurs and salespeople on effective networking and after networking helped us save our $1million business ... I can tell you with confidence that no matter where you go, you can connect to acquire new clients or leads!


In July 2008 we opened our restaurant franchise in Dallas, Texas. In October, the stock market crashed.  In January we were the subject of credit card fraud and all monies paid via credit cards by guests -  were placed in an escrow account.  It took 8 long months to prove our innocence and release the monies.  The amount of stress we were under was astronomical.  An almost $1million dollar SBA Loan, Rent, Insurance, Payroll, Vendors, etc..  We were looking at losing our business, our home, etc.

NETWORKING was a big part of what saved us!  In fact, it drove in foot traffic to the point where we exceeded our goals.  We then went on to open two more restaurants and several more businesses!    Networking continues to help my businesses to thrive.  Networking WORKS ... the key is that it must be EFFECTIVE networking! 


With a background in Behavior Modification and as a Business Coach, I observed and noted what was effective and what was not in terms of networking and .... implemented the best of the best.  I went on to run one of the largest networking groups in Dallas for over 10 years, teaching and speaking about networking to various groups, corporations, sports organizations, panels and more. 

I am in the process of finishing up my book and my online course.  In the meantime, be sure to join my FREE Networking Group on Facebook!


EFFECTIVE Networking, Networking Like a Millionaire, needs to be an integral part of your business model whether in-person or online.


"Everyone we meet knows someone who needs our product or service."  - Rose Colarossi

After observing and teaching tens of thousands of people networking - with a background in Behavior Modification - I have incorporate all that works and eliminated all that does not.

Whether you are just starting out, an introvert, anxiety ridden, seasoned but not getting the return on investing time, energy and money into networking ... this is for YOU!

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