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Females and Males ARE DIFFERENT! Moreso than I bet you knew!

Most differences are very obvious.

Females create life inside themselves therefore we have different body parts. HOWEVER .. there is MUCH MORE to our differences!

Female vs. Male Brain:

Females have 23% more connectivity between the left and right hemisphere. You utilize different parts of your brain where presented with the exact same situation as a male! Ever situation is strongly connected to an EMOTION so when we retell our story - we re-charge that emotion.

Ever notice that YOU can recount the tiniest details of a past event while perhaps your partner or male friend cannot? Ever notice how your male partner/husband doesn't always notice that new haircut? Color?

Mark Gungor, a marriage expert talks about - A Tale of Two Brains - Men's Brain Women's Brain - in an entertaining video. Take a look!

Female vs. Male Vision:

FEMALES have more P Ganglion Cells which cause us to see FINER DETAILS vs. MALES who have more M Ganglion cells that cause them to see MORE PERIPHERALLY

Makes sense why they don’t always notice things that we want them to notice!

MALES use their retina to perceive more PERIPHERALLY while FEMALES use our FEMALE HORMONES.

Our hormones allow us to have INTUITION.

The difference in the nerve structure to the FEMALE organs is much more complicated than a male.

FEMALE spines have rooted nerve that are much more DENSE than a MALE.


Hormones can send you into a tizzy or bring you feeling of love and peace.

Hormones can ignite passions out of control. If hormones are out of balance - it can cause a myriad of problems.

Some hormones cause more EMOTIONAL DISTURBANCE and cause us to be practically UNPREDICTABLE due to PERCEPTION.

In fact, all 11 of our Bodily Systems are DIFFERENT!

Nervous, Endocrine, Reproductive, Digestive, Lymphatic, Skeletal, Muscular, Respiratory, Immune, Urinary, Circulatory.


If FEMALES and MALES are so DIFFERENT - wouldn't it make sense then why most tools and techniques either DO NOT work for women or if they do - they are not long lasting? Why - because they were all created by men!

Creatrix® is different! It is created by a woman, specifically designed for a woman's brain. It uses FEMALE language and works with our EMOTIONS! It takes 3-6 sessions - Guaranteed AND you do NOT have to retell your story or relive any unhappy memories or trauma!

A pleasant visualization process where I walk you through a story in order to clear out your negative thinking, emotions and belief patterns and replace them with YOUR TRUTH.

Schedule a FREE Blocker Identifier Call and let's uncover what has been holding you back from gaining Greater Happiness, Health, Relationships and/or Success!

I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your transformation. You have nothing to lose. I have been where you are and so have thousands of women around the globe. Reach out and let's see how much better life and business can be for you!

Rose xx

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