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Common Limiting Beliefs - Which do you have?

Did you know that we ALL have limiting beliefs? These are simply beliefs formed after thoughts occur over and over again - which is based on past experiences, memories or traumas. After a while we begin to believe our thoughts and THEN those beliefs begin to limit us - thus, Limiting Beliefs.

  • I'm good enough

  • I'm not pretty or thin enough

  • I'm too old or I am too young

  • I'm not smart enough or don’t know enough

  • I don’t have enough time

  • I don’t have enough money

  • No one will listen to me

  • I’ll be judged

  • I can’t ask for what I want

  • I have to work really, really hard to earn money

  • Rich people are greedy/unhappy

  • Money causes fighting

  • I'm not good with money

  • I'm always broke

  • I will never make enough money

  • I don't have enough education

  • I don‘t have enough experience

  • I'm not good at sales/marketing, etc.

  • I can’t make money doing what I love

  • I don’t deserve to be successful and have everything I want

  • It’s too late to pursue my dreams

  • I don’t need to be successful

  • Undeserving of love

  • Love is too painful

  • I'll get hurt

  • I am too stupid/fat/ugly to be loved

  • All men/women are cheating/mean/violent/drama queens/etc.

All of these are examples of Limiting Beliefs and there are so many more!


Where Do Limiting Beliefs Come From?

Most experts agree that our core limiting beliefs are formed when we are children. In our early years (0-7) we are highly influenced by what we are told and tend to accept the actions and what those around us say.

If you really want to get technical - they are more than our thoughts - they are the EMOTIONS tied to our thoughts. The root cause of every self limiting belief is an overwhelming emotion that we experienced in the past

As children we take in the actions or words that caused the overwhelming emotion as truth. She believes this is why we find it so difficult to overcome a self limiting belief strictly by being aware of it and attempting to replace it with a new belief. Until the root emotion of the limiting belief is dealt with -- it will keep rearing its ugly head.

No amount of mindset practices or affirmations will make it completely go away. That is why Creatrix® is so important for women!

How Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back

Limiting beliefs can be one of the biggest culprits keeping us from seeing life’s limitless possibilities. They can keep us from expressing our truth and going after our dreams.

For example, they may manifest as not feeling smart enough to attend college or "go for" that promotion.

Limiting beliefs in regards to relationships and finance can keep you in a bad relationship or keep you from seeking out a relationship all together. They can keep you in a state of financial crisis from the fear or belief that money is evil, that you don’t deserve money, or that you don’t have the ability to manage money.

What would your life look like without all those negative thoughts and emotions causing limiting beliefs? How would your life be different? How would it be different for those you love? For your business?

3-6 sessions of Creatrix® - Guaranteed - and you will easily clear your limiting beliefs/emotions all tied to your negative thinking and past memories AND be free to move forward and gain greater success and happiness. It worked for me and it has worked for thousands of women around the globe.

Reach out for a FREE Blocker Identifier Call. My guarantee is based on outcome so if you are not ready for Creatrix®, I will make suggestions based on our call and if you ARE ready - I will tell you how easy it will be to live the life you want!

I have been where you are and I can tell you firsthand and as someone who facilitates Creatrix® - your life, relationships and business will benefit beyond any beliefs you may have!

Rose xx

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