3 Easy Ways to Identify Your Limiting Beliefs: The Origin

Learn three easy ways to identify your limiting beliefs based on their origin. From growing up to where you are now, identify where these limiting beliefs originated from and what they are affecting in your life.

What are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are subconscious beliefs or statements that you have allowed yourself to entertain, and appear as obstacles when you seek to accomplish the life of your dreams.

These Beliefs hold you back from the potential you are capable of achieving.

From telling yourself you are not, “worthy enough”, “good enough”, to creating self- destructive habits that sabotage your happiness and success. These beliefs do not serve you in any form. In this article I will be teaching you three ways to identify these limiting beliefs by going into detail of where they could have originated.

1. Home Grown Beliefs

We all grew up with a family, whether it was big or small, blood related or not. Family is the very foundation of a person, this is were we spend our primitive years learning the way of the world, and evolving as a person. Family is where you invest the majority of your loyalty to, and the first people you learn to trust and invest time into. It is also where your early experiences and emotions occur.

Whether you grew up with broken and unhealed adults who passed the hurt onto their younger generation or you grew up in a very healthy home … we ALL file away OUR PERCEPTION of experiences and emotions that later in life manifest themselves into limiting belief. These are beliefs which we subconsciously adopt and carry with us into the rest of our lives. They manifest as anxiety, stress, overwhelm, anger, sadness, hurt, procrastination, toxic relationships, behaviors, feeling stuck, financial issues, not reaching your goals and much more. Our thoughts are what hold us back in life, in relationships and in terms of our success.

If we grew up in a household where the adults always struggled finically, we will grow up thinking that wealth is hard to achieve or even unattainable. Even if your family was “comfortable”, if you heard someone saying that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, etc. … you file away that money is hart to obtain.

If you grew up in a household in which you felt neglected or not wanted, yo will grow up believing we are alone in this world and or cannot rely on anyone but yourself.

If you grew up in a household that talked badly about other people, you may grow up thinking that everyone else is inferior or a competition.

The behaviors and beliefs that the adults in the household act upon or present to the younger generation, will be the foundation of the younger persons life. Kids are like sponges. During primitive years, typically up until age 7 or 8, they absorb behaviors and manners that help them survive and adapt to the environment they are growing up in. They are filed in the unconscious mind because that is where our fight or flight response is located. It protects us BUT … it does not know how to differentiate if something is about us or truly bad for us because if anything is uncomfortable … it tries to protect.

2. The Authority of Education

As we grow up, we are guided or taught by a figure of authority. This could be a family member, a teacher, a political figure, a friend, anyone who you have placed as an authoritative figure in your life, will have an impact on the kinds of beliefs you adopt as the truth.

As I stated in the previous point, if you grow up with a paternal figure who is broken or has negative beliefs, you will subconsciously, to a certain degree, adopt these beliefs as your own truth. Similarly, if you grew up looking up to a friend or a political figure, and their beliefs happen to be corrupt, these beliefs will affect you or how you view the world.

If you happen to grow up with a teacher who, called you “stupid”, always had it out for you, discriminated against you, or had a poor manner of teaching … you will subconsciously and unconsciously adopt these statements and actions into your own life. You might grow up believing you are “not good enough” in a certain subject or area of life, you might grow up believing there is “something wrong with you”, or you could adopt the poor behaviors that were presented to you by this adult.

Figures of authority, have a big impact on the limiting beliefs we create for ourselves. These can impact careers, goals, passions and aspirations and even relationships.

3. Stuck In Experiences

Throughout life we have many different experiences. These experiences can be either positive and negative. People, regardless tend to focus more on the negative experiences. Did you know that we have about 60,000 thoughts a day and 80% of those thoughts are negative? Think about a day – a great day with ten or twenty incredible moments and then perhaps one bad thing happened. Most likely, that is what you remember most. As adults, we need to work on our mindset, our limiting beliefs … because many of our experiences and memories have manifested into negative beliefs and self destructive habits.

Negative experiences create very intense and strong emotions with in us, these emotions are natural responses to emotional pain and trauma. If they are left untreated, unresolved or are misguided they can create limiting beliefs that change a person in negative ways.

If one has experienced heartbreak, this can affect the way we view love and the way we view others, closing ourselves off to the possibility of future relationships. If one has been physically or emotionally abused, this can create various forms of fear, trust issues, and emotional issues that make forming relationships with others and with oneself difficult.

Limiting beliefs formed through experiences, can often be the most difficult to get rid off by yourself, and do require assistance from a train professional to help you get through them. The journey will be a pathway of healing and evolving into the best version of you, instead of remaining stuck in ones self-destructive and limited self. Know this. Your thoughts are what are holding you back. Your brain is like a computer. It simply needs a bit of reprogramming. Change your thoughts, change your life!

Through Aroma Freedom Technique and Creatrix®, I am able to quickly assist you into transforming your mindset and your life into the best version of yourself so that you can reach GREATER HAPPINESS & SUCCESS! Feel free to explore more article’s about limiting beliefs, self- development, and more on my blog AND be sure to visit my FREE Resources in which I share tools and techniques that will help you.

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