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A Creatrix is a woman deeply connected to HERself. HER true Self.

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

She dreams courageously and trusts deeply in HERself and HER purpose.

A Creatrix has a deep connection to the HER cycle and she honors. HER body and mind or cues for rest, restoration, and healing.

HER desires are ALIGNED with her wants, needs and all of life.

HER inner calm and understanding of HERself is steady and contagious.

HER understandings and “knowings” are powerful.

She has no attachment to what happens around HER and understands all that is happening in HER life is happening FOR HER not TO HER.

HER understanding that everyone is carrying a backpack of ISSUEs around from their parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, friends ... and their own experiences and traumas - which allows HER to know that when someone is "ugly" or "uncaring", it is about them and not HER.

HER challenges also equate to HER learnings.

HER self-care includes her body, mind, spirit, faith, thoughts, and time.

HER healthy boundaries are a priority.

She has LET GO of everything not serving HER highest good.

HER ability to "go with the flow" allows her emotions to flow through HER and not become trapped in HER where they could cause inflammation and illness.

HER practice of self-love and self-care is something she has learned is a necessity after taking care of everyone and everything for so long that she hit a wall and got stuck.

HER practice of self-love and self-care is a priority now because she learned that she is worthy.

HER self-care and self-love is a part of what she is modeling for her children and grandchildren.

HER thoughts reflect the thoughts she wants for HER daughters and granddaughters.

What was done TO HER was not her fault, but HER responsibility is to heal it all - at the root cause - so that she can start living HER very best life now.

HER story does NOT determine HER destiny.

She is breaking HER generational patterns proven by the science of Epigenetics.

She feels FREE. Free of any labels or expectations placed on HER by others and by HERself.

You too can become a Creatrix and start living your best life now.

You too can be FREE of: anxiety, worry, feeling stuck, feeling not good enough, Imposter Syndrome, Scarcity Mindset, hiding, procrastination, shame, guilt, anger, sadness, bitterness and more.

You too can step into your power and understand and go after YOUR PURPOSE.

Creatrix®, the patented visualization tool and technique that I used on my clients - has been used to help thousands of women around the world. It is truly THE FEMALE ANSWER to healing at a deep unconscious level so that you can move forward confidently in achieving all that you desire and deserve. Creatrix® is quick, effective and has long lasting results. It worked for me and it has worked for all of my beautiful clients around the world.

Isn't it time you become a Creatrix?

There is nothing else out there that comes with an Outcome Guarantee - so you have nothing to lose -except for EVERYTHING holding you back from gaining greater happiness, health, relationships,and success!

Schedule a Blocker Identifier Call where I will help you identify areas in your life that are being suppressed or affected by blocks in your thoughts and your beliefs.

If I believe you are are ready to work with me, we can discuss how I work with my clients in 90 minute sessions over Zoom once a week until HER outcome is achieved. If I determine you are not ready to work with me, I will give you tools, techniques and suggestions until you are ready. You see, Creatrix® works on every woman, but not every woman is ready for Creatrix®. Do it for you. Do it for them.

Creatrix® is The New Female Psychology. The Female Answer!

TransformingHER - Rose Colarossi

H.ealed E.mpowered R.estored