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What or Who Pushed Your Buttons Today?

Was it something someone said? Someone did?


At the CORE of Triggers .... are FALSE and LIMITING BELIEFS that cause these NEGATIVE EMOTIONS. All the result of PAST experiences or traumas that you may not even remember … but are what CAUSE you to FEEL the way you FEEL.

NOW - you are an adult and someone has "disrespected" or "Ignored" you again. So, that FEELING, that EMOTION comes flooding to the surface. You see with women - memories are tied closely with EMOTIONS.

Here are 5 Steps to Help You Diffuse a Trigger:

  1. NOTICE the FEELlNG you have.

  2. IMMEDIATELY - Take a deep breath. In fact try to utilize Box Breathing. (Please subscribe to my channel so I can obtain a personalized address.) It is utilized by the Navy Seals to calm their parasympathetic nervous systems.

  3. CHOOSE to make the situation about the OTHER PERSON and NOT You! Come up with a scenario in which that person has a very good reason to do what they did. ie., They may be rushing to see a loved one at the hospital, etc. True or False - who cares because watch how you begin to FEEL. Your blood pressure will drop, etc.

  4. In your THOUGHTS, choose to WISH THAT PERSON WELL and again .. notice how you are FEELING NOW!

  5. TAKE ADVANTAGE of the few minutes more you have to look around, smile at a neighbor, organize your groceries, etc.

Remember .... that "Trigger" had a lot more to do with your past and that person's unawareness/situation than it did you. However, it "triggered" an emotion based on a memory and emotion tied to that memory.

With Creatrix® - ALL your TRIGGERs are CLEARED for GOOD! You will be able to IDENTIFY them when they happen, but they NO LONGER will AFFECT YOU! You will FEEL Calm, Centered, Confident and in Control AND be able to MOVE FORWARD to reach GREATER HAPPINESS, RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH & SUCCESS!

Schedule your FREE Blocker Identifier Call NOW while it is on your mind. I only take on client's that I know I can Guarantee their outcome so it is not a hard sell. If you are not ready, I will suggest alternatives until you are. Take action ... and I will look forward to meeting you soon!

Rose xx

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