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TransformingHER Retreats
Healed Empowered Restored
Waterside Women

It's good for Your SOUL

"When a woman is able to "Retreat" from her daily responsibilities, no one to take care of but HERself, she can fully relax, remember HER own likes and wants -  Returning home rested, restored, patient, present & happy!"  Rose Colarossi

There is something about not having anyone or anything to take care of!

Here are some of the retreat features:

- Gentle Yoga

- Yoga Nidra - Deep Relaxation

- Breathwork 

- AFT - Releasing Negative Thoughts

- Mindfulness Exercises

- "ME" Time

- Optional Massages

- Beautiful Surroundings

- Wonderful Food

- Like-minded Women

- Local Attractions

- Cultural Activities

and so much more!

This is YOUR time.  This is to nourish, love and care for you so that your are the best version of your TRUEself when you return home.

Upcoming TransformingHER

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Texas Roadtrip

Texas Girls Road Trip! 

Who better than Chip & Joanna Gaines & The JunkGypsies to learn from regarding Repurposing!

Outdoor Yoga Meditation

DFW Mindfullness -

More Information Coming Soon about this Private DFW Location!

Wooden House

Savannah Georgia- RECLAIM

More Information will be available soon!








Luxury Beach- 

Montego Bay

Three Women

Mindfullness Retreat- REMIND

More Information Coming Soon about this PRivate DFW Location!

Flowers and Bicycle

Experience Retreat

Location Coming Soon!







Our Community Opens Their Hearts & Souls on The Benefits of a TransformingHER Retreat!  

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“I felt guilty for spending the money and leaving my husband and kids.  HOWEVER ... once I did it, I was hooked AND so were they!  I returned a much happier and healthier Mom and Wife!"

Delores Hays

“My retreat allowed me to rediscover myself.  I had lost a part of myself in my husband and my children and it was nice to remember what I liked, what I enjoyed.  I cannot wait for my next retreat!"

Nancy Johnston

“Eating what I wanted to eat, going to the bathroom - unaccompanied.  Not having to worry about anyone else's needs but my own.  Ahhhh.... it was glorious.  I love my children but I needed a break - more than I thought I did.  Being away allowed me to reset and return a much better Mommy!" 

Kristin Martin

“It took me a day to get used to not having someone asking me for something - food, money, etc.  THEN ... when I began to relax and enjoy myself - I remembered who I used to be before becoming a Mom.  I don't ever want to forget her and retreats now provide that for me.  I love them!" 

Nicole Hill

“If you have never gone on a retreat you are truly missing out.  It is one of the best things I have ever done and I wish I had started going on retreats a long time ago.  I am much more patient and just happier when I return home to my family and my business." 

Janine Cannon

“There is something about "getting away" with other women.  What I like is that I can participate as much or as little as I want, visit as much or as little a I want AND I can eat as much or as little as I want."

Jean Murray

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