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"When a woman is able to "Retreat" from her daily responsibilities,
she can fully relax enjoy life. She returns home rested, restored,
more patient, present, focused, energiezed & happy!"  -Rose Colarossi

Join like-minded women, in a non-judgemental setting, who understand the importance of
Disconnecting to Connect.  Holistic Health, Mindset, Emotions and Self-Care! 

Come Discover your BEST SELF and HAVE FUN while experiencing local cultural experiences!!! 

These retreats flow from the Emotional Healing and Empowerment Work Rose does
with her clients, as well as HER Group Business Coaching Program. 

These retreats offer an added self-care, personal & professional tool for your tool belt. 

You do not need to be an existing client of Rose's to attend.

Upcoming TransformingHER Retreats

Image by Seth Doyle

Beach Retreat

Allow the healing properties of the salt air, water and sand to 



Image by Conscious Design

DFW Mindfulness -Retreat

Find some quiet time, some inner peace and connect with like-minded women in gentle yoga, meditation, self-care practices, etc.



Image by Sushma Ponnala

Retreat at The Lake

There is nothing more soothing than disconnecting from electronics and immersing yourself in nature.  Come find quiet, rest and inner peace.



Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 9.21.30 AM.png

Luxury Beach- 


Montego Bay



Image by Briana Tozour

Mindfulness Retreat- REMIND

An immersive experience in Sedona.



Image by Moshe Schneider

Europe Retreat

Location Coming Soon!



Our Community Opens Their Hearts & Souls

on The Benefits of a Retreat!  

“My retreat allowed me to rediscover myself.  I had lost a part of myself in my husband and my children and it was nice to remember what I liked, what I enjoyed.  I cannot wait for my next retreat!"

“Eating what I wanted to eat, going to the bathroom - unaccompanied.  Not having to worry about anyone else's needs but my own.  Ahhhh.... it was glorious.  I love my children but I needed a break - more than I thought I did.  Being away allowed me to reset and return a much better Mommy!" 

“I felt guilty for spending the money and leaving my husband and kids.  HOWEVER ... once I did it, I was hooked AND so were they!  I returned a much happier and healthier Mom and Wife.  My anxiety, stress and overwhelm are non-existent!"


Nancy Johnston

Delores Hays

Kristin Martin

“It took me a day to get used to not having someone asking me for something - food, money, etc.  THEN ... when I began to relax and enjoy myself - I remembered who I used to be before becoming a Mom.  I don't ever want to forget her and retreats now provide that for me.  I love them!" 

“If you have never gone on a retreat you are truly missing out.  It is one of the best things I have ever done and I wish I had started going on retreats a long time ago.  I am much more patient and just happier when I return home to my family and my business." 

“There is something about "getting away" with other women.  What I like is that I can participate as much or as little as I want, visit as much or as little a I want AND I can eat as much or as little as I want."

Nicole Hill

Janine Cannon

Jean Murray

Coming Soon!

Get on the Waitlist for Updates on Locations and Dates!

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