Attention Female Entrepreneurs  Who Want to Reach Greater Levels of Success & Happiness ...

Free Masterclass: How to Easily Attract More Clients, Gain More Time and Freedom - To Create the Life You Crave!

Hosted by Rose Colarossi - International Business & Life Strategist and Emotional Intelligence and Mindset Specialist

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On this live masterclass, you will discover how to:

  • Free Yourself From Negative Thoughts, Emotions And Beliefs That Are Holding You Back From Greater Success And Happiness!
  • Realize The Importance Of Clear Messaging And How It Equates To Obtaining Right Fit, High-paying Clients!
  • Engage In Effective Systems To Achieve The Balance And Time You Crave!
  • Empower Yourself For Long Term Success Without The Stress Or Burnout!

Presented by Rose Colarossi

Rose Colarossi is an International Business & Life Strategist, as well as  an Emotional Intelligence and Mindset Specialist, helping women around the world reach greater levels of success and happiness.  

A Multi-Business Owner/Entrepreneur herself, Rose understands the struggles, as well as the successes we women endure. Rose takes a 4-pillar approach that works best for women because after all - we are different!

Rose has a uncanny ability to look at your business and your struggles and quickly process what is needed to catapult you forward so that you can step into your power and start living your best life!

One of Rose's clients puts it best,

"Rose cares.  She really cares.  She assessed not only my business; she also assessed me. What I was doing to hold myself back.  She truly understood what I was experiencing on a personal level as well as a professional level. Being a Female Entrepreneur can be very isolating and frustrating.  I have hired many coaches who unfortunately, came with empty promises.  After working with Rose, I am far surpassing my goals and dreams and most importantly, I am happier than I have been in years -- while working less hours!"

Rose has been married for over 30 years, is a Mom, Stepmom, and Mimi.  She has sat on the boards of multiple Non-Profit Organizations.  She volunteers and mentors girls and women alike,  and she loves: children, animals, cooking, traveling, and the beach.  Oh, and laughing with her girlfriends!  What you see is what you get with Rose. Helping women is her passion and her purpose!