Here's the WHAT!


  • Do you feel STUCK?

  • Are you unhappy with where you are in your life, relationships, health or success?

  • Do you deal with feeling unworthy or not good enough?

  • Do you often feel uninspired?

  • Have you joined every club, coaching program and more and still have not made money?

  • Are you afraid of failing?

  • Do you suffer from perfectionism?

  • Do you often experience anxiety and overwhelm?

  • Do you struggle with self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome?

  • Are you experiencing procrastination?

  • Do you downplay your childhood trauma?

  • Do you start projects but never finish them?

  • Do you suffer from chronic pain that is unexplained by medical professionals?

  • Do you easily get angry,annoyed or frustrated with things and people?

  • Do you always worry about money?

  • Do you feel like you're in survival mode? 

  • Do you have unhealthy behaviors?

  • Have you been taking care of everyone and everything but not yourself?

  • Are you the "strong one", the caretaker, the problem solver, the peacemaker?

  • Do you deal with guilt or shame?

If you've answered YES to more than1of the above … you came to the right place!  We Here are just two of my incredible clients and their experiences.  You can see their full video testimonials on my testimonial page!













So WHY do we experience these issues?

From age 0-8 we file away EVERYTHING we see, hear, feel and experience. Unfortunately the Unconscious Mind does not differentiate what has to do specifically with you vs. someone else or truth vs. perception.  Then, as you get older you "draw" from those deep suppressed "files" and through that perception or filter is how you interpret the world. If someone told you you were "not good enough" or made you "feel" not good enough ... then you may live your whole live feeling as though you are not good enough.

Also generational patterns occur.  The science of Epigenetics tells us that we can inherit patterns of thinking and emotions 13 generations back.  Scarcity mindset, abuse, self-doubt, anxiety and more.

You may have tried self-help books, workshops, therapy and more and either they didn't help or the outcome was not long-lasting.  Well, everything out there has been created by a man for one thing.  Second, they are not reaching the root-cause, the unconscious mind, nor utilizing female language. Until Creatrix®.



Utilizing this Patented Visualization Technique created by a Woman, Specifically Designed for a Woman's Brain, I walk you through a gentle, yet highly effective and long-lasting process over Zoom that allows access to your unconscious mind.  I guide you in REFRAMING your LIMITING BELIEFS at the root cause!  We get you out of your headspace and into your heartspace - unleashing your TRUEself and YOUR POWER! The process is fast and it is long-lasting! I also offer an outcome guarantee if I take you on as a client!  Where else are you going to get that?


Here's What You Can Expect:


  • Emotional lightness

  • An Incredible Sense of Empowerment

  • A Boost of Energy and Creativity

  • A clear understanding of your goals

  • A clear understanding of your needs

  • More Patience

  • Inner Calm

  • A clear understanding of your wants

  • Mental Clarity

  • Decreased inflammation in the body

  • Confidence about your own path & goals

  • Release of suppressed unconscious patterns

  • An incredibly deep connection to your TRUEself

  • Toxic Generational Patterns BROKEN for your children, grandchildren and generations to come.

  • A release of labels and perceptions given to you.

  • All your issues:  Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm, Frustration, Feeling Stuck, Guilt, Procrastination and more … GONE!


Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 1.44.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 1.44.33 PM.png

In 30-Days, You Will Release:
 Anxiety, Overwhelm, Anger, Doubt, Imposter Syndrome, Feeling Stuck, Chronic Procrastination & more at the root cause for long lasting results & You will
Step Into Your Power!

We are NOT promised tomorrow so URGENCY is required in making this your best life possible.  Not months or years from now ... now!   Just imagine your life in 30 days from now ... WITHOUT all your issues holding you back!


Here's the thing ... That handbag, designer shoes, clothing, jewelry, vacation, course, program is NOT going to heal what is at the root cause of your issues.  They are just bandaids. Instant gratification that is not long-lasting.  Working on your Mindset, Emotions and LImiting Beliefs is the best investment you can make for YOU, YOUR BUSINESS, MARRIAGE, CHILDREN, HEALTH and HAPPINESS! 

If you have tried therapy, self-help books and more ... THIS IS THE FEMALE ANSWER!  Clear it all out at the root cause - ONCE AND FOR ALL to START LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!


I encourage you to take advantage of a FREE Blocker Identifier Call where I will help you identify blocks that are affecting your life, relationships, health and/or success.  Don't second guess it.  If you are here ... there is a reason.  The #1 comment that ALL my clients make is ... "I wish I would have found/started with you sooner!"  This IS The Female Answer!  

If after your Blocker Identifier Call I determine you are a good fit for working with me, I will give you an Outcome Guarantee! Not every woman is READY but this works on every woman!    Please be patient as there is often a waitlist because I personally facilitate all the sessions all the more reason to .... Take ACTION ... so you can start living your best life NOW!  Not years from now. NOW!  


I so look forward to meeting you.  I so want to see you have all that you desire!


Rose xx


"I had my first session with this Amazing Woman and what she had me
set forward in my mindset, what I spoke OUT LOUD! What I believed
to come into fruition was absolutely unbelievable for me! The next day
my Session was a Reality!  My goal, my intention actually was fulfilled just 1 day later!!! Unreal! Rose Colarossi is Highly Recommend By Me!
Rose is God Sent, I Love Her! Supremely Endorsed⭐️" 



Stephanie Pelton, McKinney, Texas 

Director, MS Society

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