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Imagine 30 Days from NOW, Being FREE OF:
Anxiety, Overwhelm, Procrastination, Anger, Doubt,
Imposter Syndrome, Money Worries, Feeling Stuck,
Guilt, Fear, Shame, Procrastination, Pain, and More! 
Stepping into your Power and Confidently moving Forward!


I have been a Multi-business Owner/Entrepreneur, Business and Life Coach for over 20 years with a background in Behavior Modification.  After many years of watching my coaching clients get "STUCK" with negative thought patterns, emotions and beliefs, and after losing my Brother and then my Mother after emotional turmoil, I was determined to study emotions, negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs. I researched and experienced dozens of modalities/tools/techniques over a two year period.   Then, I found what I believe to be THE FEMALE ANSWER.  I experienced emotional freedom for myself and then flew to Australia to become trained and certified -  returning to train others to facilitate as well.  This patented technique has helped thousands of women around the globe become the best versions of themselves.  Women are able to step into their power and confidently move forward to reach greater happiness, health, relationships, and success.  

Who is this for?

Highly motivated woman in business that is not where she wants to be in terms of HER goals. She is frustrated and wants to find a SOLUTION that will FAST TRACK scaling HER success.  She is  looking for a COMPETITIVE EDGE.  

A woman who is finally taking care of HERself, after taking care of everyone else - either because she realizes she is worth it, she is having health issues, or because she is looking to avoid health issues. This modality is all about getting to THE ROOT-CAUSE - at the unconscious mind.


A woman who is sick and tired of dealing with HER: Anxiety, stress, overwhelm, doubt, shame, guilt, feeling stuck and more and she is ready to invest in HERself so that she can start living HER best life NOW! 

A woman who has  tried other tools, techniques and modalities  - such as talk therapy, NLP and more - and they either haven't worked or did not have long lasting results.  THIS IS THE FEMALE ANSWER - created by a woman, designed specifically for a woman's brain.  Everything else out there was created by a man.


This comes with an OUTCOME GUARANTEE and gives LONG LASTING RESULTS!  There is NO need to RE-live any hurt or trauma by Re-telling your story.  That just creates stress in the body and the mind.  This is gentle, yet highly effective.  It is a close-eye visualization technique facilitated over Zoom.

What was done TO YOU was out of your control.What YOU DO moving forward will allow YOU TO CONTROL ... your life, happiness, health and success!

These are some common issues that my clients come to me with that  and 30 Days Later - are GONE!  Sound too good to be true?  No worries.  I give an Outcome Guarantee!

  • The need to get "permission" or be "validated".

  • Feeling Overwhelmed.  Maybe even "lone wolfing" it by not asking for help.

  • Pretending you’re “fine” when you really aren’t, because you’re worried about what it says about you if you aren’t “fine” all the time.

  • Putting everyone else's wants and needs before your own. This is a recipe for illness, resentment, unhappiness, burnout.  THIS WAS ME - but not anymore. 

  • Feeling selfish if you practice self-care.  Perhaps you justify why not to do it: "I don't work outside the house."  I don't make as much as my husband."  Telling yourself that you will take care of your needs when:  You have more time, more money, the kids are grown, etc. etc.   The time is NOW.  Your self-development work will benefit all of the above!

  • Promising yourself you’ll start tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.​

  • Always worrying about what other people will think.

  • Undercharging for your services.


  • Unresolved anger, shame, or guilt.

  • Selling yourself short because you don’t want to seem braggadocious.

  • Thinking you have to look or act a certain way to be successful and accepted.


  • Not reaching your goals even though you have incredible information and services to help others.


  • Money worries or scarcity mindset – believing there will never be enough money or you will run out of money so perhaps you “hold on” to things and money.

  • Unresolved pain or illness that does not respond to meds or physical therapies.


  • HIDING.  Doing busy work, not doing what you are "supposed to be" doing?  Avoiding being on social media, on video?  This is all due to Fear.  Fear of failure, fear of not being perfect, fear of being made fun of and more.

  • Feeling STUCK.  This too is almost always a symptom of PERFECTIONISM disguised as PROCRASTINATION. You may have this realization or not.

  • CHILDHOOD TRAUMA ... Verbal, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Sexcual. It is all trauma and one is not to be compared to the other.


  • Imposter Syndrome.  Thoughts such as:  "I'm not as good at that as …. I’m not as polished as ... I’m not as educated as …. My clothes aren’t as nice …. I haven’t been doing this as long as …."


  • Triggers. Having very strong negative feelings … When someone cuts in front of you in line in the store or on the highway - Do you find yourself "losing it" or are you snapping at your kids or husband and then you feel terrible? Do you find yourself over-reacting when your spouse says or does something?


  • Unexplained pain or illness. Naturopathic and Holistic Doctors refer their patients to me because they understand that suppressed and repressed emotions are energy and sometimes, they begin to reveal themselves in the form of pain an illness.  In fact, many of these doctors are clients of mine as well because they understand the importance of clearing out emotions that are not serving their HIGHEST GOOD.


  • The role of “Caretaker” or the "Responsible One" since childhood.  That was me.  Feeling RESPONSIBLE for everyone and everything and therefore did everything for everyone … except for myself. 


  • Having a hard time saying "no". I used to have a hard time saying "no” and establishing healthy boundaries. Not anymore!


  • Putting everyone's needs ahead of their own.  I used to do this.  I felt guilty doing things for myself.  As a result, I would run myself sick.  No more.  I am happier and healthier than I have ever been - with an inner peace that grounds me and I have been able to help hundreds of women do the same around the world!

You may not even feel any of the above BUT ... you are dealing (or not dealing) with loss, illness, stress or you are just not where you want to be in your life, relationships or business/success.  The root-cause - is always the beliefs attached to the thought patterns and emotions.  The answers are already inside of you.  I will help you find them!


All the result of our Internal B.S. - Belief System all formed between birth and 7 years old.​These can be GENERATIONAL PATTERNS.  Patterns of beliefs and behaviors inherited from parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on.   ​All of our beliefs – whether based on truth or perception are the cause of our negative thoughts and feelings – and become the GPS system for our lives, our health, our relationships and our success. 

I will help you reframe your belief system and replace false and limiting beliefs with YOUR Learnings, YOUR Truth!  You will be happier, healthier and step into your power to confidently move forward to achieve greater success!  Imagine what your life will be like 30 days from now, 6 months from now, a year from now when your issues are GONE!  If I take you on as a client - you receive an OUTCOME GUARANTEE!


Look at two of my clients … years later, experiencing greater levels of health, happiness & success!









Schedule a FREE Blocker Identifier Call if you are truly ready to make a change in your life, do what it takes, invest in you. If I assess that I can help you – I will explain how it works.  If I feel you are not ready to work with me – I will make suggestions based on my education and experience to help you until you are ready. I conduct all sessions myself so there is a limited number of clients I can take on per month.


The #1 statement my clients make is always, "I wish I had found you sooner."   Don't talk yourself into waiting for when the kids are older (they need you to be the best version of you now), when you have more time (we are not guaranteed tomorrow), or when you can "afford" to spend money on you (we always find money for the things we value and/or want.). I put my session on a credit card and it was the absolute best investment I have made in my entire life and my clients would all say the same!   This technique completely changed my life for the better and has done the same for thousands of women around the globe.​  

Look at all the Testimonials  and the 30 Day Mindset Shift for more information.

Think about how long have you been dealing with these issues and then ask yourself, "How long is LONG ENOUGH"?​  Now, if it was your Mother, Daughter, Sister or Best Friend who was struggling with these issues … and there was AN ANSWER ... wouldn’t you want them to do whatever it takes to start living their best life?  

I have The Female Answer, complete with an outcome guarantee.  So there are no more excuses.  The choice is up to you.  ​

Here's to you - choosing you - the version of you that you were created to live!


Rose xx

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