Quickly Eliminate

Negative Self-talk,

Negative Emotions Not Serving You& Self-Sabotaging Limiting Beliefs for

Greater Happiness & Success!

Are you NOT where you want to be Personally or

Professionally?  If Not ...

Let's Change That NOW!



Self-doubt, Anxiety, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Shame, Worry, Feeling Judged, "Less Than", Imposter Syndrome - "Why would anyone hire me?", Scarcity Mindset - Constant Money Worries, Sadness, Anger, Hurt, Feeling Unloved, and More!

I believe that Creatrix® is what women have been waiting for. It is personal development meets psychology for women.  It is the ONLY modality CREATED BY A WOMAN, specifically DESIGNED FOR A WOMAN's BRAIN.  It is a closed eye visualization technique that speaks to a woman in a way that SHE can access HER TRUTH and release what is not serving her highest good.  


At the core, it is always the BELIEFs and sometimes it is inherited. Creatrix® takes into account EPIGENETICs and CLEARs GENERATIONAL PATTERNS!  When we release false and limiting beliefs - the NEGATIVE SELF-TALK, NEGATIVE EMOTIONS AND SELF-SABOTAGING BELIEFS AND BEHAVIORS DISAPPEAR so that YOU can MOVE FORWARD in YOUR TRUTH with absolute clarity.

If you are NOT where you want to be personally or professionally, if you have tried to remedy what is going on but either NOTHING WORKED, or the results were NOT LONG LASTING - reach out. It is no accident that you landed here.   They KEY is in YOU - TAKING ACTION.


Life is too short for you NOT to be HAPPY, HEALTHY or SUCCESSFUL!   Let me help you RELEASE what is not serving you so you can MOVE FORWARD to gain GREATER HAPPINESS, HEALTH & SUCCESS. I have been where you are and I know what is waiting for you on the other side!



Here's to your transformation!  I cannot wait to be a part of it!


Rose xx



Breaking Negative Patterns in Thinking, Emotions, Beliefs and Behavior 
For Greater Happiness, Health, Relationships and Abundance.

Female Psychology!

Aroma Freedom Technique

Think..Essential Oils meets psychological principles! We use Essential Oils to release negativity and trauma.

Yoga with TransformingHER

H.ealed E.mpowered 

R.estored through Yoga and Meditation. 

 Movement and the release of stress and emotions not serving us while raising our vibration!

Hope Through Conversations

Powerful, Real-Life stories.

You are not alone!


"Rose is a passionate, caring professional who is committed to helping women everywhere to release the emotional blocks that weigh us down every day.  As a leader and trainer, Rose is sincere, knowledgeable and supportive. Her joy and encouragement for our breakthroughs and successes were testaments to her character. Thank you, Rose, for enriching my life both personally and professionally."

- Kim F.

“Since my time with Rose, MY LIFE HAS TRULY BLOSSOMED. I NO LONGER LIVE IN FEAR of the "what if's" and I am NOW TRULY PRESENT in my life. I am NO LONGER IN FIGHT OR FLIGHT, NOR AM I THE VICTIM. I am IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE I am taking sole responsibility for my happiness and I AM FREE AS A BIRD, LIVING A LIFE I LOVE. Your caring nature and your passion is a blessing Rose.”

- Crystal Ward

“After years of feeling "NOT GOOD ENOUGH” and WORRYING ABOUT MONEY all the time - I am FREE!  It is amazing!  I had tried everything but nothing stuck.  This was so gentle, yet so effective.  I am so very appreciative and I would tell EVERY WOMAN to RUN and do CREATRIX® with Rose.  Do it for your health and happiness and success an do it for future generations.  Break the cycle.  Get rid of all that emotional baggage and your life will be amazing!

- Jan Keyes

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.