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Are You A Woman Who Wants To Start Living Her Best Life?


Are You Wanting To Reach Greater Levels of Happiness, Success & Health?


Maybe you are overwhelmed and exhausted trying to grow your business?  Maybe you are just not happy where you are in your life?  Perhaps you are dealing with Anxiety, Feeling Not Good Enough, Not Reaching Goals, Feeling Stuck, Chronic Procrastination and more.
I get it!  I have been where you are.  You can read my story of struggles and success and how for over 20 years I have been living my purpose of empowering women across the globe to reach emotional and financial freedom.  
My step-by-step journey, what I call - The Female Success Formula - a wholistic female approach - will enable you to move forward confidently and create the life you crave!   It is what helped me and thousands of women around the globe - just like you!
Let's connect to get YOU living the life you crave - NOW!

Resources for Every Stage of YOUR Journey

Mindset & Emotional Intelligence /  Business Coaching / Retreats /  Speaking / Workshops 

Step 1: Mindset/Emotional Healing Intelligence/Limiting Beliefs


1:1 Deep Dive, Fast Track, Long-lasting Results for Women.  

You have heard that everything must be addressed at the "root cause" and that is where we start!
If you are tired of "messing around" with Feeling: Stuck, Overwhelmed, Anxious, Stressed, Less-Than, Not Good Enough, Angry, Hurt, Unexplained Pain and/or Illness and more and you are ready to start living your best life!
  • If you want a life WITHOUT Procrastination;
  • If you want to REACH YOUR GOALS;  
  • If you want HEALTHY Relationships;
  • If you want to FEEL and Believe YOUR WORTH;
  • A life where you HAVE HEALTHY BOUNDARIES
  • You NO LONGER FEEL AS THOUGH You Must Take Care Of Everyone Else; 
  • You NO LONGER Have A Hard Time Saying "No" so that you do NOT get overwhelmed or stressed.
There are limited spaces for these 1:1 sessions so don't wait.  You are here for a reason.  YOU KNOW INTUITIVELY - IT IS TIME so.... Listen to your heart and not your head.  Start Living Your Best Life - Now!  
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Step 2: Business Coaching for Women - The Female Success Formula!


A Wholistic, WholeWoman Approach combining:

  1. Mindset Shift /Raised Emotional Intelligence
  2. Clear client messaging to easily attract your right fit clients
  3. Tools and software to create more time for you to stay in your zone of genius and to spend with those you love  - including AI
  4. Healthy boundaries and self-care necessary to show up as your best self and for sustainability!   

We were NOT created to do this alone.  Learn from someone who has been where you are and has the level of success that you want!

Surround yourself with a Circle of Empowerment.  Like-minded women who are going to work together, lift one another.  (No jerk faces allowed!)

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GROUP: Mindset/Emotional Intelligence/Limiting Beliefs

Great for MLM, Sales Departments/Forces, Vision Board Workshops, Retreats, etc.
Wonderful for Retreats, Sales Teams, Children and More!


Certified Practitioner in Aroma Freedom Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, Ho'oponopono, Creatrix®, Yoga, Art Therapy, Vision Boards, Meditation & More!


"We brought Rose in to our team meeting of 84.  She was able to set the intention of our quarterly goal, help the them clear and limiting beliefs that had around not being able to achieve that goal and more.  Our team EXCEEDED our goal by 18% that quarter.  Get Rose in to work with your team.  What she does works.  We are now having our leaders team work with her 1:1 to raise our Emotional Intelligence and clear out anything that is blocking our success on a subconscious level.  Thank you Rose.  You are amazing."  Ellie C.


"Rose was referred by one of our Regional Directors.  We brought her in to work with our staff and the results have been incredible.  Communication is better, productivity and sales are up.  Emotional Intelligence is truly the untapped area of development that most are missing." Jan W.

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If you want to FAST TRACK your results ... This is YOUR dedicated 1-on-1 coaching and implementation day where together we make key decisions and take game-changing actions.

You will be able to bring your business and your life to the next level as we: 

  • Assess your business, business strategies, systems, messaging and more.
  • Review your products, packages and offers.
  • Stop worrying about what to share without giving away too much for free;
  • Turn your expertise into an online course or program.
  • Transform your ideas into REALITY!
  • I will assess the systems you have in place and make suggestions based on your needs and my experience.
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"Rose brings an element of realness to any talk she gives.  She is authentic, generous and truly relatable. We had a room of over 2,000 women jump to their feet and clap and roar for Rose.  She is truly inspiring."  Carey L.


Rose is available for online and in-person events such as: Podcasts, Summits, Networking Events, Television, Radio (Rose is a former Radio Show Host), Women's Groups and Organizations, Corporate Events, Corporate Training, MLM Sales Trainings, Churches and Non-Profit Organizations.

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Step 3: TransformingHER Transformational Retreats 




"When a woman is able to "Retreat" from her daily responsibilities, she can fully relax enjoy life. She then returns home rested, restored, more patient, present, focused, energized & happy!"  -Rose Colarossi

Join like-minded women, in a friendly, safe-space, who understand the importance of Self-care in order to show up as their best self in business and with those they love!

"Disconnecting to Connect".  Holistic Health, Mindset, Emotions and Self-Care! 

Come Discover your BEST SELF and HAVE FUN doing what YOU like to do!  Eat what YOU want to eat and responsible only for YOU. 
Return home a happier more grounded YOU with gratitude, more patience and a clear mind.  Rested, Refreshed and Renewed!
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Client & Doctor Testimonials

Stephanie Pelton, Director MS Society

"I had my first session with this Amazing Woman and what she had me set forward in my mindset, what I spoke OUT LOUD! What I believed to come into fruition was absolutely unbelievable for me! The next day my Session was a Reality!  My goal, my intention actually was fulfilled just 1 day later!!! Unreal! Rose Colarossi is Highly Recommend By Me! Rose is God Sent, I Love Her! Supremely Endorsed⭐️"

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