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Imagine FEELING CONFIDENT in your skills as a Mom, Business Owner, etc.

Imagine NOT FEELING ANGRY all the time.

Imagine NOT FEELING STUCK and being able to move forward excitedly.


Imagine an ENTIRELY NEW perspective on life, yourself and others in just minutes.

Sound too good to be true?  I KNOW!  I felt the same way but IT IS what I experienced and what THOUSANDS of women around the globe have experienced.


If you are here reading this … you already know you want and KNOW that you need a change.  Now, the key is to be stronger than that self-sabotaging thinking and take action.  Yes, I experienced that as well and I am so glad I pushed through it several years ago as Creatrix® completely changed my life, relationships, health and business!


The Female Brain is different to the Male Brain – yet, everything out there in the personal development or psychology world is created by a man. Until Creatrix®!


Creatrix® was created by a Woman and is specifically designed for a Woman’s Brain!  Creatrix® is an adventurous virtual reality process that's done with your eyes closed and is conveniently facilitated over Zoom so you are in the comfort of your own home or office. We work on EMOTIONS related to your BELIEFS!


Creatrix® causes you to UNLEARN your issues at the very root cause until they drop away, no longer needed, and then is replaced with much higher emotional intelligence. There is no need to retell your story or relive any trauma.


Creatrix® causes a woman’s life to change forever (and never revert), WITHOUT having to experience the real-life trauma that usually triggers one naturally because you do NOT have to re-tell your story and therefore NOT have to relive any pain or trauma.


It’s a world-first, gender-specific transformational process based on the science of Epigenetics.


It’s fast.  3-6 Sessions AND It’s long lasting.  The results are so powerful that I offer a money-back GUARANTEE of results.


Just imagine your life WITHOUT: Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm, Feeling Stuck, Anger, Hurt, Frustration, Judgement, Feeling Judged, Self-Doubt, Self-Sabotaging Thinking or Behavior, Imposter Syndrome, Scarcity Mindset, Chronic Procrastination, etc.  Imagine how much better life will be for you, those you love, and even your business/career!


Reach out NOW for a Blocker Identifier Call to see what is getting in your way of reaching greater levels of happiness, health and success.  I have been where you are and honestly -  you deserve to experience Creatrix® - every woman does!  Be the example for those younger women/girls in your life and take care of you so that you can show up better for them and for your business! !   You have NOTHING to lose but ALL that is NOT serving you as YOUR OUTCOME is GUARANTEED!


Rose xx


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If you deal with 2 or more of the  emotions/thoughts/beliefs ... on this list ...reach out for a FREE Blocker Identifier Call so we can see if you are ready for Creatrix®!

Don't struggle any longer!  I have been where you are and there is an easier way. 3-6 Sessions - Guaranteed Outcome!

Creatrix® can help ANY woman who is struggling emotionally. They don’t need to have experienced extreme trauma to see the benefits. Perhaps they just want to break a cycle they are stuck in, get past their fear of rejection, banish the overwhelm or anxiety. Perhaps even just access their own personal life learnings that are buried deep within their mind!


Breaking Negative Patterns in Thinking, Emotions, Beliefs and Behavior 
For Greater Happiness, Health, Relationships and Abundance.

Female Psychology!

Aroma Freedom Technique

 Although Creatrix® works on all women, not all women are ready for Creatrix®. 

AFT is also successful on children, men and groups for setting goals and removing blocks.  MLM, Sales Groups, etc.




H.ealed E.mpowered R.estored


When a Woman is able to RETREAT from her everyday responsibilities ... it allows HER to RELAX, REFLECT and return RENEWED and more PRESENT to HER Family and HER Business!

Hope Through Conversations

Powerful, Real-Life Stories.

.... You are Not Alone!

More Testimonials

"Rose is a passionate, caring professional who is committed to helping women everywhere to release the emotional blocks that weigh us down every day.  As a leader and trainer, Rose is sincere, knowledgeable and supportive. Her joy and encouragement for our breakthroughs and successes were testaments to her character. Thank you, Rose, for enriching my life both personally and professionally."

- Kim F.

“Since my time with Rose, MY LIFE HAS TRULY BLOSSOMED. I NO LONGER LIVE IN FEAR of the "what if's" and I am NOW TRULY PRESENT in my life. I am NO LONGER IN FIGHT OR FLIGHT, NOR AM I THE VICTIM. I am IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE I am taking sole responsibility for my happiness and I AM FREE AS A BIRD, LIVING A LIFE I LOVE. Your caring nature and your passion is a blessing Rose.”

- Crystal Ward

“After years of feeling "NOT GOOD ENOUGH” and WORRYING ABOUT MONEY all the time - I am FREE!  It is amazing!  I had tried everything but nothing stuck.  This was so gentle, yet so effective.  I am so very appreciative and I would tell EVERY WOMAN to RUN and do CREATRIX® with Rose.  Do it for your health and happiness and success an do it for future generations.  Break the cycle.  Get rid of all that emotional baggage and your life will be amazing!

- Jan Keyes

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love.

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