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30 Days from NOW you could be FREE OF:
Anxiety, Overwhelm, Procrastination, Anger, Doubt, Imposter Syndrome,
Money Worries, Feeling Stuck, Procrastination and more ... with 


What would that be worth to you? Your loved ones? Your health? Your Business/Success?

Like you - I have experienced struggles in both life and business.

  • I opened a fitness center and signed up 100 women in the first week. 1 week later the entire spaced flooded. 

    • I went on to sign 100 more members during the clean-up and retained all the new clients! One year later I outgrew my space and 5x my membership base!


  • My husband and I opened a restaurant with our Son and 3 months later the stock market crashed and People stopped going out to eat. Sales stalled.

    • 3 months later we were the subject of internet fraud.  I thought outside the box, pivoted and created opportunities and possibilities.

      • I started catering to local businesses.

      • I started a networking group out of our private room driving foot traffic and sales!


  • I lost one of my brother's to suicide. He was a financial advisor dealing with the stock market crash.

  • Five years later, I lost my Mother a week after her doctor found a mass at her well visit.

  • My husband partnered with two men who ended up being scam artists causing us to almost end our marriage and lose everything.  We are still paying off the million dollar sba loan but we did not lose everything and we learned so much.

  • We had issues with our children and marriage.

  • I am a stepmother that came with its own list of challenges.

  • I experienced childhood trauma.

  • The list goes on ... but here is the most important point I want to make:

  • I was frustrated as a life and business coach because my incredibly talented and amazing women kept getting blocked by their fears.  It didn't matter how much I taught them .. they did not believe or feel their power.  So, I went on a journey and found The Female Answer!  With my background in Behavior Modification and Personal Development ... I knew immediately, intuitively that THIS WAS The Female Answer!

This patented technique completely freed me and empowered me in every area of my life - my happiness, inner peace, relationships, health and success.  The freedom I experienced was so incredible that - on a credit card (remember ... we were paying off a million dollar SBA loan) -  I flew to Australia within a week to train and become certified in this technique so I could bring it to my clients.  The results have been nothing less than amazing!

I am privileged to have helped empower thousands of women around the globe reach greater levels of happiness, health, relationships and success!  To gain confidence, to not look for validation from others, to no longer have anxiety, worry, fear and overwhelm!  I also have Naturopathic Doctors that refer their clients to me for emotional healing.  This is my passion and my purpose!  I want to help you live your passion and your purpose.

Oh .. and for all the woman who say, "I am good."  I love you.  Here's the thing .. we all of issues and we can all benefit from this but not all women are ready - that is what my Blocker Identifier Call is about.  I will get to that in a minute.  First ... I invite you to


Answer these questions for yourself.

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Are frustrated,  because you think you should be able to figure this all out.

    • After all you are a smart woman. So then ... Why are you not able to fix this and live your true potential?

  • Are you unhappy with where you are in your life, relationships, health or success?

  • Do you deal with feeling unworthy or not good enough?

  • Do you Worry about the future and when others will find out you are an imposter and your accomplishments were just a stroke of luck?

  • Do you often feel uninspired?

  • Are constantly overthinking, and your mind is in a 24/7 overdrive. To the point where you are completely lost connection to your feelings?

  • Have you joined every club, coaching program and more and still have not made money?

  • Are you afraid of failing?

  • Feel like a failure: Asking yourself with your thoughts, "Why can’t I just be happy? Why do I always have to push for more? When is enough - enough?

  • Why do I want more ... when I have a great life?  

  • Do you suffer from perfectionism?

  • Do you often experience anxiety and overwhelm?

  • Do you struggle with self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome?

  • Are you experiencing procrastination?

  • Do you downplay your childhood trauma? Well, my life wasn't as bad as "x, y, z".  

  • Do you start projects but never finish them?

  • Do you suffer from chronic pain that is unexplained by medical professionals?

  • Do you easily get angry,annoyed or frustrated with things and people?

  • Do you always worry about money?

  • Do you feel like you're in survival mode? 

  • Do you have unhealthy behaviors?

  • Have you been taking care of everyone and everything but not yourself?

  • Are you the "strong one", the caretaker, the problem solver, the peacemaker?

  • Do you deal with guilt or shame?

  • When people look at you, they think you have it all: the success, the brains, the family, the lifestyle…However, you secretly battle with feeling "not good enough".  You also feel like a fake. You are stressed and overwhelmed, stuck and burned-out. 

If you've answered YES to more than one of the above … you are a) NOT ALONE and b) that ISSUE is affecting various areas of your life!


We all have "ISSUES" whether we realize the limiting beliefs we are carrying around or not.  However, we do know we are either not where we want to be in life, our relationships, our health or our business success.  This occurs typically when we have some unconscious beliefs that are blocking us from having what we want. 

I went on a journey 7 years ago looking for something that would help my business coaching clients with their "issues".  They were having self-esteem issues, fear of failing and more.  I experienced what I call, The Female Answer - but it is actually a patented technique called Creatrix®.


After experiencing a Creatrix®, I was COMPLETELY FREE from all my issues and 7 years later ... they are still gone!   I NOW practice healthy boundaries, keep my distance from "energy vampires", speak my truth .. and I am completely at peace if that means that person is no longer in my life.  I am true to myself.  I am kind, considerate and loving but I will no longer put others and their needs before my own.  I always listen to my "gut", my intuition.  I call it my internal GPS system!   I no longer feel responsible for everyone and everything and .... LIFE IS AMAZING!  I have a sense of freedom and inner peace and i ...  I want this for YOU!

I flew to Australia - twice to be trained and certified in his technique so that I could bring it to my clients and to as many women as possible because again, I truly believe this is THE FEMALE ANSWER!


This patented technique that completely changed my life and has changed the lives of my clients - women around the world - just like you!



One-to-One Personal 30-Day Breakthrough Process with an Outcome Guarantee!


Creatrix® is a revolutionary process created by a woman, designed exclusively for a woman's brain to help you end your negative self-talk, self-sabotaging emotions and limiting beliefs. Because ending your

negative mental chatter once and for all is the only way to stop overthinking, overcome imposter syndrome, and step into your power so you can start living your purpose - your best life, now!  


Creatrix® is a revolutionary, female-formulated breakthrough process that ends negative patterns for good. It’s an all-in-one modality and therapy that’s FAST, LASTING, and designed exclusively for Women! 

Here are two of my incredible clients and their before and after pictures and experiences.  You can see their full video testimonials on my testimonial page!












You may have tried self-help books, workshops, therapy, etc. and either they didn't help or the outcome was not long-lasting.  THIS IS DIFFERENT.  I give you an OUTCOME GUARANTEE!  THIS IS LONG-LASTING RESULTS!  Everything out there has been created by a man and they are not reaching the root-cause; the unconscious mind, nor are they utilizing female language. Not until Creatrix®.


I will guide you in REFRAMING your LIMITING BELIEFS at the root cause - unleashing your TRUEself and YOUR POWER!   

Here's What You Can Expect:


  • Emotional Lightness

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • An Incredible Sense of Empowerment

  • A Boost of Energy and Creativity

  • A clear understanding of your Goals

  • A clear understanding of your Needs

  • More Patience

  • Inner Calm

  • A clear understanding of your Wants

  • Mental Clarity

  • Decreased Inflammation in the Body

  • Confidence about your own Path & Goals

  • Release of Suppressed and Repressed Unconscious Patterns

  • An incredibly Deep Connection to your TRUEself

  • Toxic Generational Patterns BROKEN for your children, grandchildren and generations to come.

  • A release of Labels (Caretaker, Responsible, Stupid, etc.) and Perceptions given to you or acquired during your childhood.

  • All your issues:  Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm, Frustration, Feeling Stuck, Guilt, Procrastination and more … causing issues in your life, relationships, health and success .... GONE!


Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 1.44.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 1.44.33 PM.png

If you are TRULY ready for a change and READY TO START LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE NOW ... I encourage you to take advantage of a Blocker Identifier Call where I will help you identify blocks that are affecting your life, relationships, health and/or success.  Don't second guess it.  If you are here ... there is a reason.  The #1 comment that ALL my clients make is ... "I wish I would have found/started with you sooner!" 

Let me help you.  It is my passion and my purpose!  I am referred to by Naturopathic Doctors ... scroll down for testimonials.

I so look forward to meeting you and for you to experience emotional freedom too!  Remember ... Today is Your Day! :)


Rose xx




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Moms feeling as though they are failing in every aspect of their lives ... there is hope!

Moms feeling as though they are failing in every aspect of their lives ... there is hope!

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Watch Orlene Get Unstuck in Her Life & Business in 90 Minutes!

Watch Orlene Get Unstuck in Her Life & Business in 90 Minutes!

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Michelle Shares Her Successful Business Experience with Rose

Michelle Shares Her Successful Business Experience with Rose

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"I had my first session with this Amazing Woman and what she had me
set forward in my mindset, what I spoke OUT LOUD! What I believed
to come into fruition was absolutely unbelievable for me! The next day
my Session was a Reality!  My goal, my intention actually was fulfilled just 1 day later!!! Unreal! Rose Colarossi is Highly Recommend By Me!
Rose is God Sent, I Love Her! Supremely Endorsed⭐️" 



Stephanie Pelton, McKinney, Texas 

Director, MS Society

I am so Grateful and Honored to be working with the Wonderful Patients of The Thermography Center of Dallas in regard to
Their Emotional, Mental and Physical Health and Well-Being.


Women's Health, Happiness & Success

Our Thoughts, Our Emotions and Beliefs
Affect every Area of Our Lives.
When They are Healthy ... We are Unstoppable!
Let me help you, as I have helped hundreds of women around the globe.

  • Women Breaking Generational Patterns.

  • Women Breaking Through Their Fears, Thoughts of "I'm Not Good Enough" and Reaching New Levels of Success. In fact - they are CRUSHING IT!

  • Women Free of Chronic Pain, Intimacy Issues, etc.

  • Women Free of Toxic Generational Patterns of Thinking, of Anxiety, Worry, and Toxic Relationships & Behavior.

  • Repaired Relationships.

  • Greater Happiness.

  • Inner Calm & Peace from THE INSIDE ... out!

    • You identifying and controlling your triggers!​

    • You choosing you so you can step into your purpose and your power!

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Why Creatrix® is THE FEMALE ANSWER!

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