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A Healthy Mindset

May 01, 2024
What is a healthy mindset? It is having the tools to QUICKLY shift from "I Can't" to "I CAN" ... and believing it! When this occurs ... our happiness, our  relationships, and our businesses THRIVE! ❤️
When women are referred to me by their doctors for constant negative and/or self-sabotaging thoughts ... for feeling stuck ... I first explain to them that those thoughts are NOT truth and those thoughts are not THEIR fault. ❤️
Certain situations, occurrences, and even traumas in our childhood have framed our thoughts (no matter if you had the happiest childhood) and we then operate off those thoughts until we learn a new way. ❤️
For women, visualization and female metaphors help access the deep subconscious mind to allow us to reveal the truth and have us realizing that we CAN! It is easier than you think and comes with long lasting results for you and the betterment of future generations. You see, our daughters and granddaughters are watching and listening to everything we do and say. When we heal - they heal. ❤️

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