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Rose Colarossi

Hello!  So glad you are here.  A little about me, professionally.


  • My background is in Psychology/Behavior Modification and Business.¬†

  • I have started multiple businesses from the ground up and as such, I have had great success and I have had great struggles including:

  • Signing up 100 Members of my Fitness Center my First Week and having a full flood the second week.

  • The stock market crash three months after opening our restaurant.

  • Internet credit card fraud three months later.

  • Partnership fraud

  • The pandemic closing our restaurants.

  • Facebook algorithms putting a halt to my client leads.

On a personal note, I am a wife of 30 years, a Mom, Stepmom and Mimi.  I have lost people very close to me to cancer, suicide and accidents.  Life is a roller coaster and I have learned that faith and mindset is what gets you through it all.

After coaching for over 20 years I started getting frustrated with not being able to help my clients in regard to their negative thoughts or limiting beliefs.  These would start blocking their happiness, their success and even their health.  I started to notice this as well with those I loved. So I did what any entrepreneur would do, I went looking for a solution to a problem my clients were experiencing. 

Personally, I was always very healthy - until I was not.  I would get sick - in bed sick - twice a year without rhyme or reason. That is until I researched and studied for years about the connection of emotions and thoughts on our health - both physical and mental. For me, it was about the level of stress in my life and my lack of self-care and healthy boundaries. 

However, after experiencing the modalities that I am now trained and certified in - that is no longer the case!  That is what I now help my clients with.


I experienced dozens of modalities and when I came across those I believed create the deepest, most long-lasting results; I became certified and started using with my clients.  The results have been a game changer! When I say that everything begins with mindset - I mean it. 


Working with me, you get the whole package. Emotional Intelligence, Business Strategy and More! I incorporate all of my years of study, education, certifications and experience into our sessions - so that you truly have a FAST TRACK to healing, happiness and success!  I have been privileged to support thousands of women across the globe to step into their power so they could move forward confidently, healthier, happier -  in order to create the life they desired.  I want that for you as well!

I am strong in my faith while respecting the beliefs of others.  In fact my faith and mindset are what have gotten me through the worst of times and the best of times. 

I am a 500HR yoga instructor, meditation instructor, and I am a foodie. 

I love fresh, organic, clean food, animals (we have a German Shepherd rescue), music, nature, gardening, traveling, cooking and everything to do with the beach! 


Let’s connect on a call to see how I could serve you best!  No hard sell.  If my services aren't right for you - I will simply invite you to join our community, sign up for our newsletter - both of which are sure to support you in some way!


Wishing you the life that you desire and deserve!

Rose xx


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