Our Messes become our MESSages!

Our Tests become our TESTIMONY!


Another person’s story can be so affirming and healing to someone who is in the middle of their storm or who has experienced the same situation but feels as though they are the only one.


 Your story will open doors for you and catapult your business, career, your life  in ways you can’t even imagine. 


Your story will give HOPE to so many…  AND WE MAKE IT SOOOOOO EASY FOR YOU TO DO SO!!!

If you have every wanted to write a book but the process is so overwhelming ….

 This is the PERFECT stepping stone.  Today is YOUR DAY!


I want to give you an opportunity to be a featured author in our book series entitled, 

Hope Through Conversations - You are Not Alone!

Hope Through Conversations … You are Not Alone

Women of Faith - He Will Never Stop Fighting For Me!

Here are some of the subjects, trials, struggles …

  • Addiction

  • Divorce

  • Hopelessness

  • Depression

  • Overwhelm

  • Domestic Violence

  • Child Abuse - verbal, emotional, physical, sexual

  • Abandonment

  • Illness

  • Loss/Grief

  • Children with addiction

  • Children with illness

  • Loss of Child(ren)

Here are some other book series titles you can participate in, as well:

Hope Through Conversations … You are Not Alone (FE)

Female Entrepreneurs - Crushing Her Goals in spite of struggles and set-backs!

Hope Through Conversations … You are Not Alone (M)

Motherhood - Her Struggles and Triumphs

Hope Through Conversations … You are Not Alone (MOSN)

Mothers of Children with Special Needs

Hope Through Conversations … You are Not Alone (MOIC)

Mothers of Children with Illness

Hope Through Conversations … You are Not Alone (MWLC)

Mothers who have lost their child(ren)

Hope Through Conversations … You are Not Alone (WOF)

Women of Faith - Coming through the storm with God by Her side.

We are looking for stories from the heart. Stories that are vulnerable.

We all have them and when we share them … it is incredible how much they can help another person.


Imagine the IMPACT your story can have on others.  If you don’t think so … ask those around you!


Whether you are: 

a) A Woman of Faith who has endured struggles and through your faith were able to ride out the storm.

i.e. Divorce, Abuse, Addiction, Grief, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Feeling Less Than, and more.

b) A Female Entrepreneur who has endured both personal and professional struggles and has made it to the other side.

i.e. Bankruptcy, Divorce, Overwhelm, Imposter Syndrome, Anxiety, Self-Doubt, Trying to Balance Marriage, Parenthood, and More.

c) A Mother who has doubted herself, has endured infertility, miscarriage, losing a child, a sick child, a child with addiction, learning difficulties, and more.

Imagine all the women out there that are going through exactly what you endured and thinking they are alone.

 These books are intended to give HOPE, INSPIRE, and ENCOURAGE women to KEEP GOING and to have them realize, THEY ARE NOT ALONE!


By sharing your story in this book, you can INSTANTLY start leveraging all the benefits of being a “published author.”

You do NOT have to worry about all the intricate details of writing and publishing a book.  We do all of that for you!

By becoming a published Author, you will ….

  • Increase Your KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST Credibility

  • Establish Yourself As the Go-To Authority in Your Field

  • Create More Opportunities in Business and In Life

  • Help More People

  • Give Hope to More People

  • Create an Asset that you can Gift or Sell

The best part is you get all of these benefits by writing just ONE CHAPTER and we MAKE IT SO EASY FOR YOU!


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to Give Hope Through Conversations by sharing your story.

Don’t keep thinking about it … listen to your gut, your intuition.  


If any negative mind-chatter is happening right now such as,

“I can’t do it.”

“Who do I think I am?”

“My story is not important.”

“I am not a good writer.”

and more …..

They are simply limiting beliefs at work.



Here's is the incredible package you receive as a Hope Through Conversation Author!


  • Your Own Chapter in our Upcoming Hope Through Conversation Collaborative Book

  • It takes ONLY 2000-3000 Words that we make INCREDIBLY EASY FOR YOU TO WRITE!

    • We can even ghostwrite it for you, if you require that option.

    • You do NOT need to worry about being a “good” writer.

    • You do NOT need to worry about your spelling.

    • You do NOT need to worry about your grammar.

  • WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING FOR YOU! We Will Empower You on What to Write or Write it for You.

  • We Will Do All the Work to Produce Your Book:

    • Editing

    • Publishing

    • Cover Design

    • Interior Design / Formatting

    • Printing

  • Your Photo and Biography Included With Your Chapter

  • We Make this Affordable with Payment Plans

  • Press Release Announcing the Launch of Your Book

    • Swipe files will be available for all social media platforms, if you desire.

  • Unlimited Non-Exclusive Rights to Book

  • The Web Version (PDF) Included for Display on Your Website

  • 20 Copies of Your Book

    • You Can Sell for all the profit or you can gift - your choice!

  • Additional copies of Your Book available available at a discounted rate to gift or sell with all the profit

  • Ghostwriting is available Upon Request

YES! I want to CREATE HOPE FOR OTHERS! YES I want to Become an Author - I want to Give Hope To Others Through My Story!!!

I'm excited to share this opportunity with you as I believe there is Hope Through Conversations and when we share our stories, our struggles with others -  that is how we can truly bring Hope to others and to the world!

If you’d like to Bring Hope to Others and Create a Platform for Yourself …  

Simply register through the link below.
We have a limited number of chapters so grab your spot now before we sell out.

YES! I want to bring HOPE THROUGH MY STORY, I want to help others TRANSFORM their Lives. I want to GRAB MY CHAPTER AS A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

Choose the option that works best for you:

I can’t wait to work with you!

-Rose Colarossi, TransformingHER and Hope Through Conversations