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Hope Through Conversations

Real Stories. Real Struggles

You. Are. Not. Alone.

I believe that we all find hope through conversations.  For several years I had a radio show with that exact title.  Now I have started a book series - Hope Through Conversations.

A series of books written by real people with real problems, real struggles and how they persevered and triumphed through their storms!

The first of the series is entitled, Hope Through Conversations about Yoga - More Than Just Stretching.

The second in the series is entitled, Hope Through Conversations with Women of Faith - You are not alone!

Subscribe below if you would like updates on when the books will be released.  They will be great reads, gifts and resources.


Hope Through Conversation- Racism 

Have You Thought About Writing a Book?

The Best Way To Start is by Participating in a Collaboration Book.  A book Where You Write Your Story and it is YOUR Chapter!

I Make This Very Easy For You.  You are guided step-by-step, your story is edited, returned for approval and then you become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!  You then receive books to gift, donate or sell.  

Click here to set up a quick 15 minute info call.  We all have a story or two or three in us -- that needs to be shared with the world.   There is Hope Through Conversations!

Rose xx