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Utilizing a Patented, Revolutionary Technique Designed Specifically for Women ... You will be Empowered to Step into Your Power and Confidently Move Forward to Reach Greater Levels of Success, Health and Happiness in 30 days with a Guaranteed Outcome!

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Are you dealing with unexplained pain or illness? 


Maybe you have been dealing with: Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm, Guilt, Anger, Sadness, Frustration, Procrastination and More and you are tired of it!

I just finished presenting this information at an event hosted by a group of doctors in Dallas who refer their patients to me. 

It was evident, by the number of women in the room who did NOT realize that the ROOT CAUSE of many of our issues: Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm, Self-Doubt,  Money Worries, Imposter Syndrome, Anger, Hurt and more ... stem from our beliefs that were created when we were children.

If we address the root cause the false or limiting beliefs can be released and reframed for both relief and empowerment.  


After talking to these women and so many women over the years ... I see that so many women have tried self-help books, other modalities and either they didn't work or they did work but they were not long lasting results.  

I want to educate as many women as possible about the root-cause of many of our issues and more importantly let them know that there is an answer - The Female Answer - that can release and reframe their emotions, negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs often in just 30 days!

Sound too good to be true?  I now.  I thought the same thing UNTIL I experienced this for myself almost 9 years ago!  

I had NO IDEA that I was carrying around a belief, "I am responsible for everyone and everything" - but it made perfect sense if you looked at my life patterns!

When my sessions were complete and I felt FREE and finally felt as though i was my TRUEself ... I knew that I needed to become trained and certified to bring this incredible technique to my life and business coaching clients.


The belief system created around those emotions and how they become limiting beliefs!

How, whether or not you remember or realize certain emotions or beliefs are there ... they are dictating your life choices, happiness, health, relationships, success and more.

I will then explain what I found to be The Female Answer several years ago and how I have been helping women around the world obtain greater health, happiness, relationships and success!


Imagine yourself 30 days from now Stepping Into Your Power and ...

  • Being Anxiety-FREE!

  • No longer feeling overwhelmed but instead having complete CLARITY.

  • Feeling Empowered!

  • No Longer Feeling Stuck but able to confidently move forward!

  • Creating Healthy Boundaries and Relationships!
  • Your Fears Crushed!
  • No longer controlled by money worries.
  • No longer settling for unhealthy relationships.
  • Engaging in greater levels of self-care.
  • Generational Patterns - Broken!
  • Having your Shame, Guilt, Bitterness ... Extinguished!
  • No longer being TRIGGERED but instead having an INNER PEACE!


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After over 25 years of coaching women, Rose could no longer stand by and watch her incredibly smart and talented clients be blocked by negative thought patterns, emotions and limiting beliefs.  She researched for over 2 years, trained and became certified in what she refers to as - THE FEMALE ANSWER!  


She has been helping women around the world take control of their health and happiness so that they can START LIVING THEIR BEST LIFE NOW!




I want you   to connect deeply to your authentic self, by understanding what it is you truly desire, what are your biggest blocks, what do you need in order to find better balance, what works for you and what speaks to you in terms of your business and your vision.  I want you to step into your leadership and then step into our power and purpose.


I can’t wait for you to be a part of this workshop where you will walk away with a better insight of yourself, others and tangible tools and techniques you can use for the rest of your life!


There is no obligation and nothing is being sold.  This is truly an informative workshop for women and if in the end you want to book a call to find out more ... you are welcome to do so.  If not, we are simply glad you took the time to educate yourself on how you can empower yourself, your health and your happiness!

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