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I am opening up 5 VIP days for Female Entrepreneurs who are looking to take my 30 years of experience, education and knowledge to support YOU in FAST TRACKing your SUCCESS!

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This is for the woman who is ready to INVEST IN HERSELF and HER BUSINESS.  


Female Entrepreneur’s who are frustrated because  … you are NOT where you WANT to be or KNOW you SHOULD BE in your business?


Maybe you are just starting out in your business  - whether it is a coaching business or selling products - and you are simply not reaching your potential clients and your bank account reflects it.


You are so confused over which tools to use, what offers to give.


Maybe you are at the point of wondering if you should keep going?  I am jumping up and down here saying, “KEEP GOING!”


Sometimes all you need is “another set of eyes” to help you refine, reframe and redesign!  Let's do this!


Maybe you feel like my client Amy.  Her testimonial on my website talks about feeling like trying to run with cynderblocks on when she came to work with me.  She  CRUSHED her limiting beliefs and has been on fire in her life and her business ever since!


Maybe you are a woman who knows she has something great to offer people but you just can’t seem to package it, reach people, etc.


I have been helping Female Entrepreneurs for over 30 years.  I am a successful Multi-business Owner/Entrepreneur, Business Networking Specialist, Author, Speaker and an International Mindset, Emotions and Belief Specialist.  When you work with me - you get it all!  I have been where you are and I have made it out the other side!  I want to share my knowledge, my education, my experience with you!


If you are truly ready to invest in yourself and your business to fast track your success ….  Schedule your VIP Day today!


Get coaching and feedback in real-time, and together we’ll get more done in one day than you would in several months!

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Each VIP Day is a dedicated 1-on-1 Coaching and Implementation Day where together we make Key Decisions and Take Game-changing Actions.


You will go from SCATTERED to STREAMLINED as we …


  • Assess your business, business strategies, systems, messaging and your products, packages and offers.

  • Stop worrying about what to share without giving away too much for free;

  • Turn your expertise into an online course or program.

  • Transform your ideas into REALITY!


I will assess the systems you have in place and make suggestions based on your needs and my experience.

In addition …. 

  • I will help you release some top line limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your goals.

  • You will be empowered with mindset tools and techniques that you will take away with you to use … well forever!

  • These alone are normally $3500!

You will leave feeling and believing that your business plan is ready for action for scaling!

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What you will get:

  • 45 minute Zoom Call with Rose to Set Intentions 1 week prior to your VIP Day.

  • Full VIP Day of INTENSIVE 1:1 Coaching with Rose

  • A customized training/coaching day based on your specific business, specific needs and overall goals/vision.


  • An Aroma Freedom Technique Session to Clear Your Strongest Limiting Beliefs and Set Intentions

  • Delicious food, snacks, and drinks throughout the day.

  • Some light yoga/ stretching /movement mid-day to insure your energy remains steady.

  • Tools and techniques to take away that will support you in life and in business.

  • 2 Private Accountability Coaching Sessions with Rose following your VIP Day for accountability.

With over 30 years of multi-business owner/entrepreneurship, life and business coaching of thousands of women, and certified in multiple modalities that help women around the world crush their limiting beliefs for massive change … I want to empower you so that you GET THERE … QUICKER!


My purpose and mission is to empower women by clearing/reframing negative thought patterns, emotions and limiting beliefs so you can step into your power and confidently move forward to reach greater levels of success, health and happiness!   



I want you to connect deeply to your authentic self, by understanding what it is you truly desire, what are your biggest blocks, what do you need in order to find better balance, what works for you and what speaks to you in terms of your business and your vision.  I want you to step into your leadership and then step into our power and purpose.


I can’t wait to work with you!


VIP days are limited so book yours today.  Payment plans are available.  Click below for more details!

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